FitYummyMummy Presents: The Fall Transformation Challenge
 The Key To Unlock Your
IDEAL Body Happens Here
...just outside of your comfort zone!

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   Holly Joi Rigsby     

Your Challenge Coach  with Daily Dares To Get You OUT of your Comfort Zone
[email protected]
What You Will Experience with Me, Holly Rigsby as your COACH
6 Challenge Workouts
Workout Of The Month Videos are complete with online 'How To' videos, full Follow Along Workout videos with built in warm up and cool down. Plus track your workouts with downloadable workout log. Never hit a plateau with your workout plan again - be challenged each and every week of the month - burn more fat - get stronger - see results even faster!
Meal Planner
Make eating clean simple with this easy to follow check list, meal map and suggested recipes.
Daily Dares
The ability to Explore what is outside is the ONLY way to Grow ~ To Experience the NEW ~ To Stretch Yourself ~ To DO what you once thought was turn you will develop the Confidence, Courage & Strength to make progress which in turn leads to the rewards of incredible results.

That is exactly what this challenge will do with a series of thoughtfully plotted DARES prompting you to take a RISK and Experience the Results of testing your self-imposed limits.
I have a question, how can I ask?
You can contact me directly.
I am ALWAYS just an email away > [email protected]

Holly Rigsby
Busy Mom Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
Author of FitYummyMummy ~ Get an Even Better Body After Baby
Founder of ClubFYM The Inner Circle Fitness Community for Busy Moms for IDEAL body results

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